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Solar Do Castelo

The only hotel within the walls of São Jorge Castle, on the top of Alfama old quarter.

Saint George's Castle can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Its oldest parts date from the 6th century, when it was fortified by the Romans, Visigoths, and eventually the Moors. It served as a Moorish royal residence until Portugal's first king Afonso Henriques captured it in 1147 with the help of northern European crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. São Jorge Castle accommodates between its walls a typical set of houses. Between these walls is the Solar Do Castelo, the only hotel situated within the medieval village. An 18th century Building, built on the site of the former kitchens of the Alcáçovas Palace.

The streets of the Castle Village are very narrow and locals keep on having their flower pots and little bird cages literally on the street. Of course that is part of the enchantment of this place but it does not help much the traffic access to our place, that now is restricted to locals and taxis 24h a day.

For your convenience we can arrange a private transfer from the airport. We have also a Golf cart that can pick you up at the castle gate. You just have to tell us when you need it.