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Here are some tips from our front office staff on where to go in this wonderful city..

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    St. George’s Castle (Castelo de São Jorge)

    Saint George's Castle can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Its oldest parts date from the 6th century, when it was fortified by the Romans, Visigoths, and eventually the Moors. It served as a Moorish royal residence until Portugal's first king Afonso Henriques captured it in 1147 with the help of northern European crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. São Jorge Castle accommodates between its walls a typical set of houses. Between these walls is the Solar Do Castelo, the only hotel situated within the medieval village. An 18th century Building, built on the site of the former kitchens of the Alcáçovas Palace.

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    Santa Luzia Belvedere

    This romantic terrace by the church of Santa Luzia introduces visitors to Alfama with a sweeping view over its houses, churches, and the Tagus River. Take a drink in the café of the Terrace.

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    Portas do Sol Belvedere

    Just off Santa Luzia belvedere, this is a balcony that opens onto the river offering truly spectacular views over Alfama. It is facing the Decorative Arts Museum.

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    Decorative Arts Museum (Ricardo Espirito Santo Foundation)

    Situated in a corner of Miradouro das Portas do Sol in the 17th century Azurara Palace, this brilliant museum gives a picture of aristocratic life in the 18th and 19th centuries. You may end your visit at the workshops seeing the artisans at work, or with a drink at the lovely courtyard cafe.

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    São Vicente de Fora Church

    Inaugurated in 1629 but was severely damaged in the 1755 earthquake, when the main dome and roof collapsed. The entrance is through a gate to the right of the façade, and the interior and cloisters are adorned with exceptional 18th century tiled panels. A highlight of those is a series of panels illustrating scenes from LaFontaine's Fables. Don’t miss the superb views of the National Pantheon, Alfama, and the Tagus River from its terrace.

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    Sé Cathedral

    Sé de Lisboa is the oldest cathedral in the city and is a mix of various architectural styles. The cathedral is an important monument of Portuguese Gothic. In the sacristy is the cathedral treasury with numerous sacred objects, the most important being the casket containing the remains of St. Vincent, the official patron saint of Lisbon.

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    Tram 28

    Line 28 of Lisbon's iconic trams was inaugurated in 1914 and today it has a 7km (4.5 miles) route that passes through the oldest quarters. Take this at Portas do Sol Belvedere stop.

  • avenida-da-liberdade

    This is Lisbon's most emblematic quarter and one of the most rewarding for walkers and photographers thanks to its medieval alleys and outstanding views. Because its foundation is dense bedrock, it survived the 1755 earthquake, and a walk through this old-fashioned residential neighborhood is now a step back in time. At night don’t miss the Fado music in many Restaurants and Fado houses.

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    Feira da Ladra

    Lisbon's most famous flea market, where piles of fascinating junk are laid out along the pavement. Every Tuesday and Saturday very close to the National Pantheon.

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    Leitão & Irmão

    Jewellers to the Portuguese Crown in 1887, continues to produce all articles at their own workshops and they all bear our manufacturer’s hallmark, ensuring the very highest quality standards.

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    Conserveira de Lisboa

    Established 1930 still selling its original 3 canned food brands Tricana, Prata do Mar and Minor. It preserves a credible bridge between production and clients.

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    Luvaria Ulisses

    Established in 1925, try some exquisite gloves in this tiny little shop.

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    Casa Pereira

    Buy a small package of “bolachinhas de furo” (cookies) to eat while walking around.

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    A Vida Portuguesa

    A different shop offering all old Portuguese products that were slowly disappearing.

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    Casa de Velas do Loreto

    The oldest shop and manufacture of candles in Lisbon. A beautiful shop with wonderful handmade candles.

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    A Carioca

    It's an art deco palace with two coffee grinders dating from 1936. The shop's iconic symbol is a carioca, a woman from Rio de Janeiro, holding a cup of coffee.

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    Chapelaria Azevedo Rua

    Since 1886, here you will find all kind of Hats.

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    Fábrica Sant’Anna

    Sant’Anna Factory produces all its pieces according to entirely handcrafted methods keeping the same processes since 1741.

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    Livraria Bertrand

    Established in Chiado quarter 1732, it’s the world oldest bookstore recognized by the Guiness.

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    Festivities of Lisbon “Santo António”

    Santo António - Lisbon’s patron saint - overseas the city’s festivities that reach their highpoint on the evening of June 12, with a procession of popular marches through the Avenida da Liberdade. Entertainment activities that will invade Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods, luring lure thousands of people into the streets.

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    Lisbon Fish and Flavors

    For eleven days in April it offers the chance to enjoy innovative gastronomic dishes created from fish and seafood from our coast.

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    Lisbon Marathon

    Every year in December, the streets of the Portuguese capital are invaded by the Lisbon Marathon – Portugal’s oldest marathon event.

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    Com’Out Lisbon

    Jazz Festival that takes place in September. Free live music, dance and theater in the city’s gardens and viewpoints.

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    Fashion’s Night Out

    Every year in September, most boutiques in Lisbon’s main shopping areas, Chiado and Avenida da Liberdade, will remain open until late, taking part of an event organized by Vogue magazine in several world cities.

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    Oceans Festival

    Happens in August and offers several events for free, to animate the Riverside Area of the Capital.