All the 5 Heritage Lisbon Hotels in the list of the Best Hotels in Portugal by The Telegraph

The Best Hotels in Portugal by The Telegraph acclaims Portuguese hotels that have been tried and tested, and where we can find the all Heritage Lisbon Hotels rated above 8 out of 10. Owned and managed by Portuguese families, Heritage Lisbon Hotels conciliates Portuguese traditions with all actual comfort offering, this way, unique and exclusive experiences.

This is one more international recognition of the quality and exclusivity that the guests may find staying at these charming shelters, located in the historic quarters of Lisbon.

The Heritage Lisbon Hotels is member of Historic Hotels of Europe, and represents a collection of charm hotels located in the historic center of Lisbon, in old houses or historic buildings. Owned by Portuguese families who came together to create intimate environments, where everything is thought to emphasize the connection to the city of Lisbon and its heritage and culture. There are five Heritage Hotels Lisbon: As Janelas Verdes, Heritage Avenida Liberdade Hotel, Hotel Britania, Hotel Lisboa Plaza and Solar Do Castelo.