Solar Do Castelo – History and Passion in a Romantic Boutique Hotel in the Cradle of Lisbon

On the top of the old Alfama district, the Castelo de São Jorge (Castle of St. George) is the cradle of Lisbon that sits on the Romans, Visigoths and Moors. Conquered from the Moors in 1147 by Portugal’s first King, it remained a Royal residence until the 16th century.

An 18th century small palace was built on the site of the former kitchens of the Royal Palace and for that reason was named, by the inhabitants of the medieval village, as Palacete das Cozinhas (Kitchen’s Little Palace). The place of legends and the souls of princes, the doors of the small palace open out onto the noble patio where the blue of the peacocks from the Castle predominates. A serene refuge framed by the Lisbon Pombaline tilework, the Solar Do Castelo welcomes you as a friend’s home.

The small unit comprising an attic and two storeys, a noble patio and a garden, stores the traces of the memories of this place. The water tank was preserved and the museological unit of objects found during the renovation recount over eight centuries of History. 

The decorative project, stresses the contemporary nature of the revitalization of the space whilst simultaneously stressing the medieval origins.